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S.T.O.P. Alarm will be moving to a bigger building in a better location in coming months, company co-owner Ron Irish said.
He said his firm has met the city’s demands, and the Project Review Committee has given approval to proceed.
If all goes as planned, the alarm company, located at 758 N. Prospect St. for the past 14-15 years, will be moving to 65 S. Hockett St. by July.
“We want it up and functioning by July 4. That gives me time to work out all of the bugs,” Irish said.
Moving an alarm security company isn’t as easy as moving other types of businesses.
Customers depend on S.T.O.P. to monitor their alarm systems, so the firm must transition to the new offices seamlessly and without service interruptions.
“We have to have [the new building] completely operational before I turn the switch off the other one,” Irish said.
To achieve this, Irish said the company will duplicate equipment, purchasing upgraded versions for the new building and saving older equipment for backup.
The new building is about 900-square feet larger than the current location. Irish said Beckman’s once used the structure,
and more recently it housed the Smart & Final grocery warehouse.
“It’s a bunker. It’s really secure,” Irish said. “We anticipate getting a few more clients.”
S.T.O.P. employs about 16, after adding a worker two weeks ago. “We may hire more; depends on the growth,” Irish said.
The company continues to grow and add clients, and with the lease coming due on the current building, S.T.O.P. opted for the bigger building.
“We had to make a choice and this came up. And that’s what we were after, so we jumped on it,” he said.
“It was not an easy decision because I knew what was involved.”
Irish attributes the company’s growth to the fact that it operates in town and it’s California certified,
unlike some alarm security companies that are located outside the area, or outside the state.
“I think that’s one of the reasons we continue to grow, because we monitor here locally,” Irish said.
Irish said he plans on using as many local resources as possible for the upgrades and the move.
 Work on the exterior of the building should begin soon, with interior retrofitting beginning around the middle of December.
Once the equipment is installed and the renovations are complete, Irish said it will take several months to test equipment and assure the system is working smoothly.
“The biggest thing is getting [Southern California] Edison and the phone company ready to flip the switch. It’s going to be a challenge,” Irish said.